Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Planet Halo Video Fleet Monitoring systems:

Does the Planet Halo fleet dashcam offer live video streaming?

Yes, our camera system provides high definition livestreaming.


How many hours can the dashcam live stream?

It depends on data plan package, but a minimum of 5 hours per month.


How fast are GPS updates?

Planet Halo cameras track in realtime, as quickly as 0.5 seconds. 


How many cameras does the dashcam unit provide?

Expandable to 6 camera angles in a self contained dash camera.


Is there a Planet Halo Cameras app?

Yes, we offer apps for both iOS and Android operating systems. 


Can dashcam videos be downloaded remotely?

Yes, Planet Halo video recordings can be downloaded remotely and managed in the cloud.


What is the largest storage capacity for Planet Halo dashcams?

Our units can store up to 2tb.


Are Planet Halo dashcams tamperproof?

Yes, the unit features tamperproof hardware as well as remote alerts if the unit is being tampered with.

Are Planet Halo dashcams it easy to Install?

Yes, unit installation is simple and uses a basic power, ground, ignition install. We do not use an OBD connection in order to prevent to prevent of tampering.