Industry-Wide Fleet Management Dash Cameras

Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras are utilized for insurance protection and risk mitigation. Consumers and commercial vehicle drivers utilize Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras by mitigating false claims in the event a situation should arise. Planet Halo’s HD Dash Cameras have reduced false claims and wrongly accused accidents by as much as 95%. Having a camera system as a 3rd party witness improves driver safety, increases driver security, and exonerates drivers who are not at fault.

Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras are used for fleet management to determine actual driving performance and behavior. Knowing exact occurrences during any situation through means of video evidence and data analytics is pertinent for fleet management.

Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras help resolve false claim occurrences immediately with video evidence. The Planet Halo HD Dash Cameras are your vehicle’s Insurance Protection.

Please contact us for a qualified list of insurance companies for a camera subsidy or premium discount.