HD Dash Cams

Product Line: All-In-One HD Dash Cams

The PH-LS (Live Stream)

  • Front & In Cabin HD Wide Angle Camera (Optional 3rd Camera ready)
  • 3G/4G LTE Live Video/Audio Streaming
  • 256gb Max Internal Storage + External HD Support
  • Real Time Vehicle and Camera Event Alerts
  • GPS Tracking and Speed
  • Tamper Resistant Hardware & Software
  • Online Fleet Management Software
  • Cloud Service Viewing / Downloading
  • Pinpoint Accurate G-Sensor Algorithms

The PH1

  • Single View 1080P Full HD
  • Superb Day/Night Time Recording
  • Park Mode
  • GPS Tracking and Speed

The PH2

  • Dual Channel HD Recording
  • Perfect for Driver Monitoring
  • Fully Encrypted Data Files

The PH2-S

  • Built-In GPS Mapping and Speed
  • Pinpoint Accurate G-Force Algorithms
  • Optional WiFi Download
  • Tamper Resistant Design

The PH4

  • Multi-Channel Dash Cam Expandable to 4 Lenses
  • Integrated GPS Tracking and Speed
  • Pinpoint Accurate G-Sensor Algorithms
  • Optional Wifi Download
  • Tamper Resistant Design