PH1 – Mobile HD Dash Cam

PH1-Mobile HD Dash Cam

ph1 - mounted hd dash cam
[one_half]ph1b - hd dash camera - side - 410px[/one_half][one_half_last]ph1 - hd dash camera-410px[/one_half_last]


The PH1 is a 1080P High Definition single camera system that records driver experience on the road. An external GPS unit is included for seamless integration with Google Earth that allows for in depth analysis of speed, time and location. Integrated G-force Sensors depict driving maneuvers, and vehicle dynamics.


  • Single View 1080P Full HD
  • Superb Day/Night Time Recording
  • Park Mode
  • GPS Tracking and Speed
  • Easy to install


[three_col]MODEL PH1[/three_col]



[nine_col_last]1080p REAL HD CMOS Digital Camera / Recording angle: 130 degrees[/nine_col_last]

[three_col]Recording Resolution[/three_col]

[nine_col_last]1280×1080, 30 Frames / H.264 VBR recording[/nine_col_last]

[three_col]Output Device[/three_col]

[nine_col_last]CVBS output (1VVp-p 75ohm)[/nine_col_last]


[nine_col_last]GPS (optional)[/nine_col_last]


[nine_col_last]Built-in 11BIT 3 Axis (X, Y, Z axis), Acceleration Sensor / Detects impact (shock), Rapid Braking / Takeoff / Turning etc.[/nine_col_last]

[three_col]Recording Device[/three_col]

[nine_col_last]Micro SD memory card 2GB ~ 32GB[/nine_col_last]

[three_col]Audio Recording[/three_col]

[nine_col_last]Built-in high-sensitivity microphone / PCM COMPRESSION[/nine_col_last]

[three_col]Audio Announcement[/three_col]

[nine_col_last]Built-in high-quality speaker for notice announcement[/nine_col_last]

[three_col]Recording Mode[/three_col]

[nine_col_last]Normal (continuous), Parking, Event Mode[/nine_col_last]


[nine_col_last]Rated voltage : DC 12V ~ 24V cigar plug / Operating voltage : DC 7V ~ 28V[/nine_col_last]

[three_col]Power Consumption[/three_col]

[nine_col_last]12V (120mA~140mA)[/nine_col_last]

[three_col]Temperature Range[/three_col]

[nine_col_last]Storage (-30ºC ~ 80ºC) / Operating (-10ºC ~ 70ºC)[/nine_col_last]